Tips For Working With An Adjuster Following A Collision


After you get into a car accident and file the accident with your insurance company, the adjuster is often one of the first people you deal with. This is the person that will consider the damage and injuries and decide how much to give you during a settlement. It is important that you know the proper way of dealing with an adjuster in order to get the money you deserve during the settlement.

3 May 2016

Two Things To Help You Decide If You Can Handle Your Case On Your Own


While it's true an attorney can help you successfully settle an accident claim, it's equally true not all cases require a lawyer's assistance. Sometimes it's possible to get a fair settlement from the insurance company on your own; however, determining if that's the case in your current claim can be a challenge. Here are two things to consider to help you decide if you can resolve your claim yourself or you need an attorney's assistance.

19 April 2016

What To Expect From A Personal Injury Attorney


There are many different things that can happen throughout a workday, and unfortunately injury can be one of them. In fact there are approximately 90 work related deaths in the United States each week. That translates into almost 13 a day, and that is only the work-related deaths. There are many more injuries that occur each day. For this reason there are personal injury attorneys that are available to help you.

11 April 2016

Four Questions To Help You Choose Between Workers Compensation And Personal Injury


If you have been injured in the workplace, you may be wondering whether to pursue a worker's compensation or personal injury claim. This is a valid worry because it determines different aspects of your settlement, including how much you will get. Here are four questions to help you make the decision: Do You Have the Option? The first thing to find out is whether you can pursue both a personal injury claim against the employer and a workers' compensation claim because you do not always have the choice.

29 March 2016

Comparative Versus Contributory Fault Laws


When a person is injured in an automobile accident, the first thing the courts are mandated to do is to determine who is at fault and to what degree. Individual states vary in how fault is determined, so it is important to understand the laws so that you know both your rights and your responsibilities if injured in an accident.  Although individual states may vary in how fault is determined, they generally follow one of four different methods for assigning blame in an automobile accident:

16 March 2016

Understanding Medical Malpractice


When you go in to have a procedure done, you sign a lot of paperwork. Some of this paperwork is signed to protect the hospital from lawsuits if something should go wrong. However, don't let this fool you. The hospital and/or physician can still be held liable if the reason something happens is due to negligent conduct. It can be confusing for you to know whether or not your complications would fall into the malpractice category.

14 March 2016

Did You Wreck Your Motorcycle On A Pothole Or Gravel? This Is What You Should Know


Motorcyclists have to contend with significantly more hazards on the roads than autos, simply because the bike is smaller and more easily damaged than the average auto and riders are more exposed than drivers who are sitting behind windshields and airbags. That's why small potholes and ordinary gravel (which aren't of much concern to the average driver) can present a serious danger to the motorcyclist. If a small pothole or a loose bit of gravel causes your bike to spin out of control, this is what you should know.

23 February 2016

An Introduction To Settlements


If you are planning on filing a lawsuit, then you probably have dreams of a pretty big payout. However, that isn't actually how most lawsuits end. Instead, you will probably get a settlement, which can be a little counterintuitive. To help you understand how your case will likely play out, here is an overview of how settlements work: What is a settlement? In a general sense, a settlement is an agreement between the plaintiff and the defendant that is entered out of court.

10 February 2016

Hurt By The Government? 3 Factors That Make Lawsuits Against Government Entities More Complicated


Personal injury claims are not limited to the private sector. Many times, injuries are caused by government entities or by people who work for the government. The scandal involving tainted water in Flint, Michigan is a perfect example of personal injury caused by government and/or city agencies. Unfortunately, when government agencies are responsible, it can be much more difficult to prove your case and win a settlement. Following are three factors that make lawsuits against government agencies much more complicated than suits filed against a fellow civilian.

27 January 2016

How Does Disability Impact Your Other Financial Situations?


When you are approved to receive Social Security disability benefits, there is a possibility other aspects of your finances can be impacted. Whether or not they are depends on several factors, including your state laws. If you are applying for disability, here is what you need to know about benefits and what happens to your other finances. Do You Still Have to Pay Student Loans? Once you are approved for disability benefits, there is a good chance your federal student loans will be discharged.

14 January 2016