What Court Is Appropriate For Your Injury Case?


If you have been harmed through the careless actions of another, you may be entitled to monetary damages. It can be difficult for accident victims to know where to turn after an injury. You might have heard of resolving cases using insurance settlements, small claims court, and civil court. To help you understand what venue will work for your needs, read on. Insurance Settlements Many times, minor accidents and injuries can be resolved using the insurance of the driver.

2 November 2020

Been In A Car Accident? Why You Should Hire An Attorney Before You Talk To The Opposing Insurance Company


If you've been in a car accident, and the other driver is responsible, their insurance company will want to talk to you as soon as possible. That might seem like a good way to get the process started. However, talking to the insurance company before you have legal representation could end up causing serious problems for you in the long run. The fact is, you should always consult a personal injury attorney before you provide any statements to the other driver's insurance company.

16 December 2019

Can SSDI Completely Replace Your Salary?


When an illness means you must stop working at your job, you might qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). While almost any form of financial support is welcome and likely needed when you are unable to work, it might be helpful to know what to expect from the Social Security Administration (SSA). Read on to find out how your qualifications and benefits are determined. The Easy Way to Determine Benefits

10 October 2019

Bit By A Dog? Learn What Medical Expenses You May Be Compensated For


If you have been bit and injured by a dog, the dog's owner may have to compensate you for your medical expenses related to the dog bite. Most people do not realize what types of medical expenses can be incurred due to a dog bite. Here are three common medical expenses that you may sustain as a result of a dog biting you that you may be compensated for if you file a dog bite personal injury claim.

29 July 2019

Negotiating For A Top Personal Injury Settlement


When a car accident turns your life upside down, things may seem as if they will never be the same again. You may need to take legal action to ensure that you are paid the money damages you are owed. In some instances, your legal efforts may be rewarded faster than you think. Read on to find more about negotiating for a top personal injury settlement. How Do Things Get Started?

23 January 2019

Workers' Comp Denied: Dealing With Claims Denials


If you've been hurt while at work and have filed for workers' comp benefits, you are likely anxious for an approval. Your employer is supposed to provide this valuable insurance coverage to you at no charge, and if approved, you can expect to have your medical expenses and a portion of your wages paid to you while you get better from your injuries. Sometimes, however, workers' comp claims are denied. Read on to find out some common denial reasons and how to deal with them.

27 July 2016

Why Getting Workers' Compensation For Back Pain Might Be Difficult


You should get workers' compensation benefits for all your work-related injuries, including back pain. However, you have to prove that your injury is work-related before you can receive the benefits. Unfortunately, this isn't easy to do in the case of back pain because of the following. There are Many Alternative Causes of the Pain It is not easy to pinpoint your work as the sole cause of your back pain; it can originate from many other places and often occurs over time.

14 July 2016

Do You Text And Drive? What You Should Know About Textalyzer


Imagine for a second that you are driving. Your phone dings and you pick it up to take a look. Those three to four seconds that you took your eyes off of the road can become a life-altering moment for you and someone else. The government and other agencies have recognized texting as a dangerous driving distraction. An Israeli technology firm has developed a new device called a textalyzer, and there are a few facts that you should know about it.

27 June 2016

5 Steps To A Successful Demand Letter


If you have been injured in a car wreck that was not your fault, you should know that you are entitled to be fairly compensated for your damages. Damages can include everything from your medical bills and car repair or replacement to lost wages and pain and suffering compensation. A very powerful weapon exists to help you get what you deserve from the at-fault driver, and you may not even need to go to court to get compensation.

27 May 2016

Commercial Truck Braking System Failure: Who Is To Blame?


When the braking system of a commercial truck fails, an accident can occur. But who is ultimately responsible for the accident depends on several factors. If you were involved in an accident with a truck with defective brakes, here is what you need to know.  Is the Brake Manufacturer to Blame? Determining who is responsible for the failure of a braking system depends on several factors. One consideration is whether or not any component of the system was under recall at the time of the accident.

16 May 2016