Why A Personal Injury Attorney Is Helpful During A Dog Bite Injury Claim


Any dog can become dangerous. Even a small dog can cause an excruciating bite and leave scarring that can require cosmetic surgery. If a dog suddenly bites you, you must contact an attorney experienced with dog bite laws and licensed to practice in your state. Why Dog Bite Cases Vary Across the US Different states have different dog bite laws. Some states have a one-bite rule. If there is past evidence that the dog bit someone, this could indicate that the dog was already known to be dangerous, and the owner should have taken steps to protect the community from their dog.

17 March 2023

3 Things You Must Know About Slip And Fall Accidents And Getting Compensated


If someone owns or manages a property that people frequently visit or pass through, they must ensure that all visitors are safe from falls. That said, accidents can happen due to various problems, such as delayed maintenance and inclement weather. Note that if you suffer bodily harm on such a property, you can determine if the owner could have taken prior measures to protect you from possible risks but didn't. Once you establish that the owner neglected their responsibility to care for the property, you will have a viable claim.

30 January 2023