Distracted Rideshare Drivers Could Cause Avoidable Accidents


Many rideshare drivers want a trip to be a positive experience for the passenger. Tips and positive ratings aren't the only things that might sway a driver to converse with a passenger. Some drivers are outgoing, and others wish to alleviate boredom, and a good conversation may improve a passenger's mundane day. Pleasantries are fine, but they come with risks. Rideshare drivers cannot engage in discussions to the point of distraction.

22 December 2021

Don't Let Social Media Impact Your Workers' Comp Claim


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites are part of the lives of millions of people. These platforms provide information, support, and validation just when it's needed the most. When it comes to a work-related injury, hurt workers should think twice before taking to social media. To find out why that is and how to avoid harming your case, read on. Obtaining and Keeping Workers' Compensation Benefits First, your claim must be approved so that you can receive the initial benefits.

27 September 2021

Time For A Get-Away? Be Aware Of Dangers


Now more than ever before, people are excited to get out of the house. Being stuck at home has been no fun, and you might be more than ready to take to the open road for a little vacay. While the pandemic threat may have lessened, you can still be in danger when you travel away from home.  Unfamiliar Surroundings You may be accustomed to your local areas and know how to avoid areas of crime, traffic, and other issues.

16 July 2021