My Legal Aspirations

For as long as I can remember, the legal field has always fascinated me. While my friends watched sitcoms and cartoons, I chose to watch courtroom dramas and real life trials unfold. There was never really any question as to what I wanted to be when I got older. The only profession for me was that of a trial lawyer. Unfortunately, a serious car accident several years ago changed all that. Now, my injuries prevent me from leaving my home most days. However, my love for the law has never went away. While I may not be able to realize my dreams of becoming a trail lawyer, I still wish to help people with their legal problems. That is why I decided to start this blog. It is my hope that the information contained in these pages will help other accident victims like me when filing their personal injury claims.

Can SSDI Completely Replace Your Salary?


When an illness means you must stop working at your job, you might qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). While almost any form of financial support is welcome and likely needed when you are unable to work, it might be helpful to know what to expect from the Social Security Administration (SSA). Read on to find out how your qualifications and benefits are determined.

The Easy Way to Determine Benefits

It's not at all mysterious. Anyone with internet access can register for an SSA account and review their benefits picture. Because of security concerns, you must take care to prove your identity and to change your password on a regular basis on the SSA website. By accessing your account, you can look at a record of earnings over the years and make corrections. You can see an estimate of how much you could be paid if you become disabled (SSDI or Social Security Income) as well as a predicted retirement account benefit.

If you are unable to go online, you can find out the same information by making an appointment at your local SSA service location. It's interesting to note that the deductions from your paychecks, over time, go into the same system. Once you are at your full retirement age, your disability benefits automatically turn into retirement benefits.

Dealing With Your Benefit Payment

Many people are shocked at the amount of disability benefits they can expect. Unfortunately, SSDI was never meant to replace a person's salary. The amount you end up with is based on your previous earnings within a recent time period. You may also be entitled to a one-time lump sum payment of what is known as back pay. Back pay is the money you would have been paid had you not had to wait so long for your benefits to be approved.

In addition to back pay, the SSA hosts a few programs that allow some benefit recipients to earn extra money. These opportunities have strict rules to follow and there are often earning caps. If you go over the amount you are allowed to earn each month, your benefits could be cut off.

Getting approved for SSDI benefits and then keeping your benefits can be a challenge. If you have been denied benefits or your benefits have been suspended on allegations you broke the rules, speak to a Social Security attorney about your case as soon as possible. You can appeal the ruling and get the benefits you need and deserve. Speak to an attorney today.


10 October 2019