My Legal Aspirations

For as long as I can remember, the legal field has always fascinated me. While my friends watched sitcoms and cartoons, I chose to watch courtroom dramas and real life trials unfold. There was never really any question as to what I wanted to be when I got older. The only profession for me was that of a trial lawyer. Unfortunately, a serious car accident several years ago changed all that. Now, my injuries prevent me from leaving my home most days. However, my love for the law has never went away. While I may not be able to realize my dreams of becoming a trail lawyer, I still wish to help people with their legal problems. That is why I decided to start this blog. It is my hope that the information contained in these pages will help other accident victims like me when filing their personal injury claims.

Proving Your Innocence In A Slip And Fall Incident


Unfortunately, some people will falsely accuse a store owner for a slip and fall incident in exchange for monetary compensation. While this practice is unethical, it is a very real occurrence that businesses need to prepare for. Here are some tips to use if your business has fallen victim to a false slip and fall accusation in an attempt to prove there was no negligence causing someone to become injured.

Collect Witnesses

Find out exactly who had been present in your store at the time of the supposed incident. Check payroll records and speak with each employee who was at work at that time to see if they had seen anything out of the ordinary that may lead to doubt in the reason for the person's fall. Look through credit card receipts for names of people who had made purchases in the hours before the incident had happened and ask them for information they may have witnessed. These people can help you prove the perpetrator had falsified their fall in an attempt for monetary gain.

Check Surveillance

If you have cameras in your establishment, you may have captured footage of something out of the ordinary on digital media. Take turns with trusted employees to look through all surveillance for several weeks leading up to when the incident occurred. The perpetrator may have been on the premises, scoping it out for a good area to stage their injury. You may see them placing or spilling something on the ground or tampering with the flooring beforehand so they could make their fall appear genuine. Check with neighboring establishments to see if they had noticed anything strange happening in their own buildings. The perpetrator may have tested several places before selecting yours as the best to try their act.

Obtain Documentation

Collect any documentation from your maintenance department showing the area where the fall had occurred had been serviced properly. If people were working in the area in the days before the fall, have them write up documentation describing the area to show there were no items in the way that could have caused a fall to occur. Take photographs of the area showing that it was non-threatening at the time the incident had occurred.

Hire Help

Hiring a personal injury attorney to work in your behalf is the best way to prove your innocence. They will look through all documentation pertaining to the incident and find reasons why the entire falling situation appears staged. They will then find evidence to support it. Hiring a private investigator is also a way to help prove the person is not hurt from their fall. A person falsifying an injury will most likely drop their act when they believe there is no one around associated with the case. They may be engaging in activities that someone with an injury would not be able to do, instilling doubt in their slip and fall claim.

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9 December 2015