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For as long as I can remember, the legal field has always fascinated me. While my friends watched sitcoms and cartoons, I chose to watch courtroom dramas and real life trials unfold. There was never really any question as to what I wanted to be when I got older. The only profession for me was that of a trial lawyer. Unfortunately, a serious car accident several years ago changed all that. Now, my injuries prevent me from leaving my home most days. However, my love for the law has never went away. While I may not be able to realize my dreams of becoming a trail lawyer, I still wish to help people with their legal problems. That is why I decided to start this blog. It is my hope that the information contained in these pages will help other accident victims like me when filing their personal injury claims.

4 Things To Do If You've Been Bitten By A Dog


You've been bitten by a dog. You're now looking at physical and emotional injuries. There are certain rights you have as the victim of a personal injury. The first thing you should know is that you have the right to receive compensation for your medical and emotional injuries. It's also important for you to know that you might also to collect compensation for your pain and suffering. Here are four steps you'll need to take to ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive the care you're entitled to.

File a Report

The first thing you should do after being bitten by a dog is file a report with the proper agencies – including the police department and your local animal control department. You should do this even if the dog did not draw blood when it bit you. Reporting the incident will allow officials the opportunity to monitor the dog responsible for the bites.

If the dog has already been reported for prior incidences, animal control officials may be able to require stricter containment regulations for the dog.  The report may also reduce the chances of the dog having access to bite others in the future.

Identify the Owner of the Dog

If you've been bitten by a dog, it's important that you identify the owners as soon as possible. Identifying the owner will allow you to collect vital information about the dog that you'll need. Some of the information you should collect will include:

  • Verifiable shot records
  • Prior history of aggression
  • Medical history of the dog

Seek Proper Medical Attention

If you've been bit by a dog, don't postpone medical attention. This is particularly important if the bite drew blood. Let the medical personnel know that you were bit by a dog. This will allow them to screen for blood borne diseases that the dog might have passed on to you. Letting the medical staff know that you were the victim of a dog bite will also allow them to treat the incident as a personal injury incident. This information will make it easier for you to collect your medical costs from the dog owner.

Speak to an Attorney

If you've suffered severe injuries, you should consult an attorney as soon as possible. This is particularly important if your injuries left you with significant medical bills or will require lengthy treatment. Your attorney will help you receive compensation for your medical care.

Dog bites can leave you with painful injuries. The information provided here will help you receive the compensation you're entitled to. If you have further questions, be sure to speak to your personal injury attorney, such as Kornfeld Robert B Inc PS.


23 November 2015